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Dancing boobs

Sara X

Twerking is a type of dancing in which an individual, usually a female, dances to music in a sexually provocative way. It involves thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance. It is a portmanteau of the words “twist” and “jerk”. The term began as street language in New Orléans with the rise of the local hip-hop music known as Bounce. In 2013, the Oxford Dictionary Online added the word “twerk”. The dictionary said the word had been around for 20 years.

Why am I talking about twerking?

I have seen women flex their breast muscles on TV shows, but yesterday I saw for the first time a woman twerking her boobs to music.

The woman who does this feat is an extraordinary tattooed 27-year-old woman named Sara X Mills. But she is better known as “the Mozart boob twerk girl”. Until Google+ connected to her YouTube channel, she used to just go by the name Sara X. Hailing from the East Coast, she is a freelance model and writer. She now resides in Las Vegas with her boyfriend.

Sara says that before posting her video on YouTube on October 12, 2014, she was “bored and uninspired.” Then the video has become viral. It is making the rounds on sites all over the internet. In the first week alone her video had more than 21 million views. At the time of posting the video she would not have thought that she would receive such a large response. When I last saw the stats on Thursday, November 7, 2014 at 2:15 am (IST) this video posting alone had garnered more than 31,782,6251 views. Just imagine how many millions of views she would have had on other social media networks such as the Facebook!

Sara had a conservative upbringing. She had been an awkward, gawky, and bookish child. She began her modelling career at a barely legal age. Shortly afterwards, she became a dancer, not a ballerina. For almost seven years she worked in bikini bars where stripping and lap dancing were illegal. She was never ashamed of her body or what she was doing with it. Sara loved performing, and used her body for expression. Soon she earned the reputation of a pole dancer and stripper par excellence.

The boobs of Sara X are fake. She decided to get breast implants after watching other girls with implants literally showered with money for just showing their boobs on stage. So, it was a conscious financial decision.

After the surgery, she realized that she could do the crazy boob bouncing trick like some of her coworkers. So, she added, “twerking,” to her repertoire.

Though her customers got excited with her bouncing boobs and considered it sexy, she thought it was silly and far from sexual.

When the US website TMZ asked her if she can make them go in different directions, like male bodybuilders, she replied yes, though she admitted it is “gross” when she flexes them really hard. Sarah said:

“Essentially, I do what bodybuilders do, so when I flex them really hard it’s actually quite gross. I used to go to a personal trainer and he would watch me do, the stuff with my chest, then someone told me it was a bad thing, it wasn’t supposed to happen (sic).”

She also disclosed how her fans, all over the globe were disappointed when they came to know her boobs are phony. Sara addressed her critics on Facebook by quipping:

“While my boobs are very fake, the video is very real … I am flexing my pectoral muscles and it’s moving my implants. I have sub pectoral implants, something called displacement so when I flex my pectoral muscles they flip to the side.”

The process she describes has been accomplished by Arnold Schwarzenegger and many other male bodybuilders, though without implants.

Sara says she is proud of her 36DD breasts.

In the following video, Sara shows her skill of flexing her breasts. She twerks them to the rendering of Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik” by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.



Here is a video of Dueling Boob Twerk: Sara X vs A male body builder.