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Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. 
Rejoice in the wife of your youth.

She is a loving doe, a graceful deer. Let her breasts satisfy you always. May you always be captivated by her love.

Why be captivated, my son, with an immoral woman, or embrace the breasts of an adulterous woman?

–  Proverbs 5:18-20 (New Living Translation)


Boob jobs and viagra


Daily I delete hundreds of spam comments on my blogs. Most of these comments are just covert advertisements for:

“Anti-gravity solutions for pendulous breasts”;

Various food supplements to “lengthen and enlarge the male penis”;

Sildenafil tablets for “gorging, stiffening, and erecting the prick”;

and many other dubious nonsenses.

Luckily, Akismet filters out almost 99.5% of these flagrant comments from my WordPress blogs.

When I surf the internet, I am bombarded with images of voluptuous females with perfect boobs. By the way, what criteria do you use to judge perfect breasts?

Does your wife have perfect breasts? Are the breasts of your neighbour’s wife looking better than those of your wife? Whose breasts are examples of youthful perfection, your wife’s or your neighbour’s? Read my article “Expose: All Women Are Not Born Equal!

Do you think the other woman’s breast looks gorgeous? If they are, how sure are you that they are not held high with anti-gravity contraptions such as a bra?

Bilateral breast augmentation, Saline, Moderate plus implants. Submuscular. Marked post-operative asymetry can be observed. (Source: Otto J. Placik, M.D.)

Bilateral breast augmentation, Saline, Moderate plus implants. (Source: Otto J. Placik, M.D.)

Or perhaps those enticing boobs of your neighbour have undergone expensive breast reconstruction work!

Do you think only men are interested in the size of boobs? How about women? Have you ever thought about the other side of the equation? Do you think women do not slyly look at a man’s fly yearning to know the size he is endowed with? If you think women are innocent, then see the following video.

Years ago, before 1996, the nude figure of a woman in a magazine or a hardcore video induced men to make a tent in their trousers. But now? Most men can’t get it up without the little blue pill!

Here are a few comments I came across about funding health researches:

Parkinson’s funding is a little shaky too.

Funding for Chron’s Disease is shitty as well.

Funding for Glaucoma research looks a bit hazy.

Funding for schizophrenia is just crazy.

Funding for cancer is dying.

Funding for AIDS was just fucked.

Funding for breast cancer has gone tits up and a little jiggly.

Funding for elephantiasis has not seen enormous growth as predicted.

Funding to fight alcoholism has tanked.

Funding for cannabis keeps getting higher and higher.

Haven’t heard a thing about funding for the deaf though.

Funding for diabetes is spiking.

Funding for dermatitis is a bit flaky.

Efforts for leprosy seem to keep falling apart.

Funding for the cure for blindness has yet to be seen.

All the money put into sexing people up will encourage procreation. And with more new people on the earth, the percentage of people with Alzheimer’s will go down.

Wait… Wait! I was going to comment something here, but I can’t remember what it was. May be I’ll remember it some other time. 🙂