Myself . By T.V. Antony Raj


Be careful when you ask a modern British woman ‘how her father is’. You know not what you’re asking! She might even slap you.

The origin of the phrase is open to interpretation. The Urban Dictionary has seven thoughts about where it could have come from.

The first instance about the phrase “How is your father?” is hilarious.

Writer and historian Michael Kelly, a New Zealander, traces the origin of the expression “How’s your father?” to the Victorian era.

In those days, men with daughters were very protective. The fathers took extraordinary measures to safeguard the virtue of their unmarried daughters.

Unmarried girls were kept within the bosom of their family and chaperoned on excursions. On those occasions when let out-of-bounds for social events, their fathers would often go with them discreetly.

Victorian fashions

Believe it or not, those fathers used to hide underneath the voluminous skirts…

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