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Have you ever fantasized having sex with a stranger? A simple, no-strings-attached fling with a stranger you do not know, do not care to find out more about, and will never meet again. According to some this wishful thinking ranks first in women’s top five fantasy lustful-wish-list.


But studies by Russell Clark, a Florida State psychologist, and Elaine Hatfield, a former Professor of Psychology at the University of Wisconsin, say otherwise.

In the mid-1970s, Russell Clark, while giving a talk at a public forum on the Florida State campus said:

“A woman, good looking or not, doesn’t have to worry about timing in searching for a man. Arrive at any time. All she has to do is point an inviting finger at any man, whisper ‘Come on to my place,’ and she’s made a conquest. Most women can get any man to do anything they want. Men have it harder. They have to worry about strategy, timing, and tricks.” (sic)

As expected, many women in the audience took exception to his remarks. Clark was quick to compromise. He said, “It’s an empirical question. Let’s design a field experiment to see who’s right!”

In the spring of 1978, Clark and his students planned and played out a simple experiment. They chose a weekday. Five women and four men, all college-aged, took turns standing on one of the five quadrangles on the Florida State campus. When they saw an attractive member of the opposite sex, they would approach their target and in a cool, calm voice, say, “I’ve been noticing you around campus. I find you very attractive.”

The student-experimenter would then ask one of three randomly assigned questions:

  • Would you go out with me tonight?
  • Would you come over to my apartment tonight?
  • Would you go to bed with me tonight?

In this social experiment, about half of the men and half of the women agreed to go on a date. But, there was an arrant difference between the genders while responding to the second and third questions.

Would you like to have sex with me - No. (Source -neatorama.com) Would you like to have sex with me - YesNo. (Source -neatorama.com)

Only one out of the 16 women agreed to visit a male experimenter’s apartment. In contrast, 69 to 75 percent of the propositioned males were happy to take advantage of the amorous invitations from the women experimenters.

In a published paper, psychologist Terri Conley of University of Michigan asserts:

“When women are presented with proposers who are equivalent in terms of safety and sexual prowess, they will be equally likely as men to engage in casual sex.”

Conley’s research suggests that women, like men, seek pleasure, when they enter the sexual arena. But the women know that they are less likely to get satisfaction in a short-term encounter.

Many feel that a stranger approaching a woman, and offering his free sexual services is the most unintelligent, perverse, repulsive, dangerous, and sexually unsavvy approach one can imagine. Also, the popular consensus is that men are sexually deviant. But, if a woman approaches a man and offers her services for sexual pleasure, then they consider it as intelligent, beautiful, and sexually skilled.

Here are two videos I came across on YouTube titled “Asking 100 Girls For Sex (Social Experiment)” and its addendum “Asking 100 Girls For Sex EXTRAS“. It proves the study by Russel Clark and his students.