CleavageGranted dievca is much larger than when she trained as an elite athlete, but her increase in bust size is a little more than she expected. she thinks it is age….

34B, 35B (true measurement? REALLY? who can find a 35?), 34C, 34C/D?????

More than a handful? ARGH~

Time, once again, to get measured properly for a bra.

dievca feels that the best way to measure your new size is to go to someone you trust and ask them to measure you.  NYC has some wonderful places, but across the country  the availability for correct measurements are slim because of  poorly trained / old-fashioned bra fitters.
You might get something like this:

bra+sizes.+Dam+whats+your+favourite+size_explanation funny

Back to reality….

A Bra that fits correctly is a godsend — buy three.  They make you look better, feel better, help your back, etc.  If you have to fit yourself for a bra – here is some advice, directions…

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