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By Vatsayayana Kumari 250x141






Janice went on sucking Shanthi’s swollen labia and the clit as she twirled her fingers in the snatch. Shanthi thought she would faint. She could hear herself panting and gasping and telling Janice that she was going to cum.

Tension started building inside Shanthi’s cunt. As she approached her orgasm Shanthi arched her back and started to scream. Janice released Shanthi’s engorged clit from her mouth and pulled her fingers out of her cunt. As her orgasm subsided Shanthi felt herself coming back to normal.

Janice placed her mouth on the entrance of Shanthi’s vagina and sucked. She lapped up every drop of the juice oozing from her new found lover’s cunt.

When she had finished sucking  Shanthi’s cunt, Janice got up from the floor, smacking her lips, and Shanthi lowered her weak and trembling legs. Janice pushed Shanthi back on the bed and kissed her, letting her young lover taste herself on her mouth, lips, and tongue.

“Janice, that was wonderful,” Shanthi whispered between kisses.

Shanthi couldn’t believe that the tongue and lips of another woman made her attain her first real orgasm in her life. She wondered why she never got such delirious climax when her ex-husband rammed her with his rock hard cock.

“Now, dhuwa, can you understand why women want me to make love to them instead of their husbands?”

“Yes, Janice. I understand that. I love you.”

“Then would you be a wife to me Shanthi?”

“Yes, Janice. Hereafter, I am your wife.”

“Not my wife, but only one of my wives since I am insatiable.”

“Yes. Yes. I’ll be one of your wives until I die. My body is all yours. Do whatever with it.”

“Are you sure?” Janice asked.

“Yes, Janice. I now feel that I am a lesbian. Call me anytime, day or night. I will come to you. Use me any way you want to. Please love me, your dhuwa, your Shanthi.”

Before Shanthi could finish, Janice’s lips closed over hers. She slipped her index and middle fingers into the young woman’s wet and slippery cunt. She moved the fingers in and out while her thumb titillated Shanthi’s clit. The juices started flowing once again and the older woman pulled her fingers out and brought it near Shanthi’s face.here is your cunt juice. Smell the most arousing scent in the world. The aroma of a woman in heat.”

Shanthi smelt the pungent odour of her own cunt juice, and she liked it.

Dhuwa, you like it, don’t you? Now taste it.”

Janice stretched her fingers towards Shanthi’s mouth. The young woman obeyed. She lapped her juice from the older woman’s fingers and sucked them clean. Shanthi felt an erotic thrill sucking her own cunt juice from the fingers of the older woman.

“Now dhuwa, I am going to teach you to taste the pussy of other women. I am sure you will love it.”

“How? Show me,” Shanthi said.

Janice pointed at her cunt. “The one place to start is here. Will you suck my mature pussy, with your young lips, dhuwa?”

“Yes, Janice. I will. I was waiting for you to tell me to do it.”

Janice spread her thighs wide and Shanthi slid her hand between them.

“Come on dhuwa, can you feel the heat of my cunt?”

“Yes, Janice.”
Shanthi felt the wetness of the older woman’s oozing pussy juice. Janice pressed Shanthi’s hand between her dripping cunt lips. Shanthi sensed Janice’s urgency.

Dhuwa, my cunt is aching for your tender touch. Play with my clit and bring me to orgasm.”

“Janice, your cunt wet and soggy.”

“It’s because of sucking your cunt juice.”

Shanthi poked three fingers into Janice’s soggy cunt and wriggled them inside increasing the flow of her juice.

Janice moaned in ecstasy. “Dhuwa, you are making me wetter.”

Shanthi withdrew her fingers from Janice’s cunt. She sucked her fingers as the older woman looked at her.

“Janice, your cunt juice tastes good.”

“That’s what all my lover girls say.”

“It tastes better than mine.”

“Now place your mouth on my cunt and suck me. Lap up all my juice, every drop of it with your tongue,” Janice commanded.

Shanthi parted Janice’s wet cunt lips with her fingers and placed her lips on the labia. Janice wriggled at the touch of Shanthi’s lips. She pushed her cunt forward.

“Now, dhuwa, run your tongue over my labia and find my clit.”

Shanthi’s slithery tongue found Janice’s clit. She moved the tip of her tongue around it in circles, like Janice had done to her a while ago.

Janice slipped her hands behind Shanthi’s neck and ground her pussy against the younger woman’s face. Janice’s juice smeared all around Shanthi’s mouth. Shanthi whimpered as she found it hard to breathe, but she did not stop. She sucked and swallowed whatever juice she was able to suck. She took turns to move her tongue around Janice’s clit and lap the juice oozing out of her cunt.

Janice moaned as Shanthi plunged her tongue deep into her oozing cunt.

“Oh, God! It feels good, dhuwa,” Janice cried out as she reached her orgasm, shoving her cunt against Shanthi’s face.

“Yes, dhuwa. Yes, that’s the way, now suck and drink my juice,” Janice said as she flooded Shanthi’s mouth with her oozing.

Shanthi sucked Janice’s cunt dry, she looked up with the tip of her tongue poised at Janice’s swollen clit.

Janice smiled at Shanthi she said, “Thank you dhuwa, it was fantastic.”

Shanthi looked at Janice and her eyes blurred with tears of happiness. “It is I who must thank you Janice for making me attain orgasm that I never had before in my life.”

“Now, dhuwa, I see you are crying. I love you.”

“Janice, will you marry me?” Shanthi asked.

“I have a husband, dhuwa, but I don’t have a wife nearby to serve me when I need sex. From now on you will be my first wife and this bed is yours from now on when Freddie goes to Colombo or elsewhere. When Freddie is in town and your mother goes to Colombo, I’ll come to your house and share your bed. Is that okay with you?”

Shanthi beamed with joy and said, “Yes, Janice. My bed is yours forever!”



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