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By Vatsayayana Kumari 250x141







Janice with a seductive smile got onto the bed. She leaned against the headboard with a cushion placed on her back. She parted her legs, to reveal her smooth mound devoid of any pubic hair. The older woman’s vaginal lips puffed up with excitement. She poked two fingers into her vagina.

Dhuwa, you have made me wet.”

Shanthi smiled.

“Now remove your clothes and show me the body that drove me wild from the day I first saw you?”

Shanthi was happy to hear that Janice liked her body. She removed her nightie.

“Now dhuwa, remove your bra and panties. I want you naked like me.”

Shanthi removed her bra and panty and stood naked before the older woman.

“You have a beautiful body, dhuwa,” Janice said.

Shanthi felt shy and nervous. She pressed her right hand against her hairy mound.

“Come on, take your hand off. I want to see what you are hiding from me.”

“I haven’t shaved like you,” Shanthi said.

“Never mind. I love hairy bushes.”

Shanthi lifted her hand and revealed her dark pubic region.

Dhuwa, come to me,” Janice said, stretching her arms.

The younger woman clambered onto the bed and crawled into the older woman’s arms. Janice pulled Shanthi against her. She placed her thighs around Shanthi’s waist and smothered her face against her large breasts.

Her left hand stroked Shanthi’s back. She placed her right hand on Shanthi’s neck and pulled her towards her. She placed her mouth on Shanthi’s lips and kissed her. They kissed in the heat of passion.


After a while Janice pulled away. She asked Shanthi to sit beside her. She hugged Shanthi and started kissing her. Her right hand groped between the younger woman’s thighs. Shanthi spread her thighs as much wide as possible moaning into Janice’s mouth. She sensed the older woman’s fingers feeling their way to her pussy. The fingers started to explore. They rubbed the sides of Shanthi’s slit and pulled her outer lips apart.

Shanthi was no stranger to masturbating, but this was just incredible. Shanthi had never been aroused and turned on as she was at that moment. Janice’s exploring with fingers found Janice’s clitoral hood. Janice rolled her fingers over the hood and stimulated Shanthi’s clit in ways she could never have imagined. Shanthi felt her juices flow like never before. Both the women groaned into each other’s mouths as Shanthi became wetter than she had ever been.

Dhuwa, how are you feeling now?” Janice panted after several minutes looking into Shanthi’s eyes. Her fingers wriggled deep inside the young woman’s cunt.

“Oh God, yes!” Shanthi gasped, “Your fingers are wonderful!”

“Well, let me now taste you,” Janice chuckled as she pulled her fingers out of Shanthi’s cunt and placed them in her mouth. She sucked Shanthi’s juices from her fingers.

Dhuwa, you taste good,” she purred, “I want more of that!”

Janice got off the bed. She asked Shanthi to sit at the edge of the bed. She knelt on the floor between the  young woman’s parted legs and pulled hervbottoms towards her. Knowing the older woman’s intention, Shanthi lifted her feet upwards and spread her thighs wide apart. She got a vicarious thrill as she displayed her cunt to the older woman.

Parting the dark hairs on Shanthi’s pubes with her fingers Janice spread the young woman’s labia. She peered at the young woman’s pinkish vagina.

“I love to look at other women’s pussies,” Janice said.

She wiggled her fingers between the engorged folds of the labia. Her fingers found the swollen pulsing clit in the upper part of Shanthi’s vagina. The rosy clit was protruding outside the confines of the clitoral hood. Janice moved her index fingers in a circular motion over and around the hood. Shanthi’s labia swelled more and their pink colour deepened to a darker pink shade.

“Oh, Janice, please, don’t stop, please…”, Shanthi moaned with pleasure as the older woman fingered her clit.

“Oh, dhuwa, you’ve made me so hot with your young body. I want to love every inch of you. I want to show you what my tongue can do.”

Shanthi slid down the bed while Janice pulled her towards her. Shanthi’s cunt was in front of her face.

“That’s it dhuwa. Push your sexy hairy cunt towards me. I want to taste, suck and eat your cunt.”

Janice slid her tongue over Shanthi’s outer cunt lips. She sucked on the soft exposed pinkish flesh.


As an experienced lesbian, Janice knew how to please the younger woman. Her tongue probed and found Shanthi’s clit. She covered it with her lips and teased it with the face of her teeth. As the clit enlarged gorged with blood, the young woman started grinding her cunt against the face of the older woman. She was shaking, gasping, She cried out with sheer untamed pleasure. Janice never let her go and went on sucking the younger woman’s cunt. Shanthi’s juices started flowing like never before and her young body trembled with sheer unbridled pleasure.

Shanthi moaned with pure ecstasy, “Janice, yes, Janice, suck my slit. This is the way I wanted someone to make love to me. To suck and make my dry cunt ooze. Janice, I love you.”

Janice pulled Shanthi’s labia apart and jabbed her tongue again and again into the oozing cunt. Shanthi felt the tongue of the older woman going deep into her oozing cunt and enjoyed the sexual release the experienced tongue was giving her.

Shanthi could feel her climax building up within her. She knew it was going to be the biggest spasm she would ever experience. Her nipples swelled into little hard nuggets. She felt a fire in her groin as the older woman’s active tongue went deeper into her oozing cunt. One minute the tongue probed into her cunt, and the next it was rubbing and titillating her clit.

Shanthi felt a great tension growing inside her. She felt Janice suck her clitoris and ramming two fingers in and out of her slippery cunt.

Shanthi slid her fingers into Janice’s hair and pulled her to her womanhood. Her muscles went taut, and her cries filled the bedroom. She jerked her groin in a spasm against Janice’s face as she sucked on her pulsating pussy. Juice oozed from Shanthi’s cunt.

The orgasm she experienced was quite different from the mild ones she got when she masturbated. This was pure ecstasy. She had never imagined this euphoric sensation was ever possible.


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