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By Vatsayayana Kumari 250x141






“Let me make you forget Roy,” Janice murmured, looking deep into Shanthi’s eyes. “With me, you will feel so good and you won’t even think about what your hubby did to you. Would you like that?”

“Yes,” Shanthi replied.

“Close your eyes honey,” Janice told her, and Shanthi obeyed. She shivered anticipating about where this was heading to.

Janice inhaled the aroma emanating from the young woman’s aroused body, as she moved her face in. She placed her warm lips on Shanthi’s lips. It felt nice. Shanthi sensed Janice’s tongue touch her lips and trying to part them. She opened her mouth, letting Janice’s tongue find hers. Roy had never kissed her like that.

“Did you like it? Do you like the way I kiss you?” Janice asked as their mouths parted.

Shanthi was shy to answer, but she managed to say, “Yes, I did.”

“Would you like me to kiss you again?” Janice asked as she fondled Shanthi’s breasts.

“Yes, please,” Shanthi murmured as she saw the carnal desire in the older woman’s eyes.

Janice kissing Shanthi

Shanthi opened her mouth to let the experienced woman’s slithering tongue. Shanthi responded more this time, enjoying the sensation of Janice’s tongue playing with hers. Their lips worked in unison. The two women sucked the nectar from each other’s mouth. Janice’s hand squeezed Shanthi’s breasts harder. Shanthi moaned with pleasure and placed her palms on Janice’s chest and started fondling her large breasts. She accepted what was happening, and the thought of having sex with an older woman excited her.

Just then the phone rang. They parted their mouths with reluctance. Shanthi went to the hall. After a few minutes she returned to the bedroom.

“It was my mother. She told me to ask whether you can sleep in our house and keep me company.”

“Yes. I will,” Janice replied.

“Thanks, Janice. Won’t uncle object?”

“No. Don’t worry about him. He has gone to Colombo and will return only on Monday morning.”

“Then you will come over here and sleep in my house?”

Janice wanted to complete the initiation of the young woman into the world of Sappho. She knew Shanthi would fall into her trap if she played her cards right. Also, for the past three months she did not have any sex sessions with anyone and was hungry for sex.

Dhuwa, I have a better idea. Why not lock up your house for the night and come over  here and sleep in my bed?”

Shanthi mulled over the suggestion.

“After Freddie returns, I’ll come and sleep in your house until your mother comes back.”

“Thank you, Janice. You are so, kind.”

Janice hugged Shanthi. “Anything for my darling dhuwa.” She kissed Shanthi’s cheek.

“Okay, Janice. I’ll come around ten.”


After dinner, Shanthi went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, showered, and washed her vagina. Drying herself, she sprayed perfume all over her body, under her arms, on her hairy mound, and between her thighs. She wore a brand new bra and brand new panty and then wore a fresh nightie.

Just after ten she switched off all the lights and stepped out of the house. After securing the front door, she went to Janice’s house and rang the doorbell.

With a towel wrapped around her body

Janice opened the door with a towel wrapped around her body. Having showered, she appeared fresh.

After locking the front door, Janice asked Shanthi to sit on the sofa. She placed her hands on Shanthi’s shoulder and massaged.

“Shanthi, do you agree that a woman’s touch is special?”

“Yes, Janice. Your hands make me feel nice. Yes, I like it more than Roy’s. Your touch is gentler than his.”

Dhuwa, have you come across a lesbian before?”

Shanthi startled by the question shook her head sideways and said, “No.”

“I am a lesbian. I hope this doesn’t upset you?”

“No,” Shanthi blurted.

“Do you know there are more women with lesbian desires, and find other women attractive?”

Janice stopped her massage. She led Shanthi to her bedroom and made her sit on the bed. With a flick she let the towel fall to the ground.

Shanthi couldn’t believe her eyes. She sat there transfixed, looking at the older woman’s voluptuous naked body. Her mound was completely bald, without any pubic hair and she could clearly see the older woman’s puffy vaginal lips.

“Do you like my body? Do I turn you on?”

Shanthi nodded, and said, “Yes.”

Dhuwa, most women gaze at my breast. And, I get a vicarious thrill when they look at me, wanting me, wanting to fondle my breasts.”

Shanthi shivered with fear as well as desire for the older woman. She wondered what Janice, standing with her glorious naked body doing to her? Shanthi was unable to speak or move.

Dhuwa, I understand what you feel just now. Don’t worry, I saw the same reaction in many married women I had made love to. Though startled at first, they too liked to explore their desires for me. After the initial conjugation with me, they didn’t regret a bit.”

The bountiful breasts of Janice entranced Shanthi. “Yes, Janice. I too have longed to touch your beautiful body and fondle your breasts,” Shanthi whispered.

“Come dhuwa. I have all that you need to be happy,” Janice said as she placed her hands around the back of Shanthi’s neck and pulled her forward. Her thrusting breasts were only inches away from Shanthi’s face.

Dhuwa, I want you to touch my breasts. Feel their weight. Squeeze them hard. Massage them. Play with them.”

Shanthi reached out. She was curious. She wanted to know what it would be like to touch and feel the naked breast of another woman. It was the first time for her. She passed her hands across the soft orbs. She felt the weight of each breast in her palms.

“I hope you like my breasts.”


“Then, play with them,” Janice said.

Shanthi rubbed her palm in a circular motion over Janice’s excited nipples. She pinched the taut extended nipples between her fingers and pulled them outward. She flicked and pinched them. Janice squirmed and moaned.

“Here suck them”, Janice said, rubbing her right breast against Shanthi’s lips.

Shanthi took hold of Janice’s heavy right breast in her hand and flicked the tip of the already excited nipple with the tip of her tongue. She covered the hardened nipple with her sensuous lips and ran the tip of her tongue around it in circles. She looked up at Janice’s face and saw her enjoying her ministration.

Janice raised Shanthi’s face and pressed her mouth on hers. The two passionate women kissed. Shanthi engulfed in the heat of passion tasted Janice’s saliva. It was delicious. She accepted Janice’s tongue inside her mouth.

Shanthi felt that something that had been dormant for years awakening within her.

“Janice, I am all yours now. My entire body is yours. Please teach me to love your beautiful body. Teach me how to love a woman,” she whispered.


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