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By Vatsayayana Kumari 250x141






It was Friday. When Shanthi returned from work, she went to get her house key from Janice. She knew that her mother after securing the front door would have given the key to Janice. It was usual for her mother to visit her son’s family in Colombo every three-month or so.

Janice was busy in the kitchen and after drinking the tea offered by Janice.

On entering her house, Shanthi felt lonely without her mother. She hated the monotonous life she was leading. She wanted some spice added to her life.

At 7 pm the doorbell rang. Janice went to the door and asked, “Who is it?”

“I’m Janice,” came the reply.

Shanthi opened the front door and Janice came in smiling.

After closing the front door Shanthi entered her bedroom and Janice followed her. Shanthi was aware that of late, Janice was showing more interest in her. The older woman standing behind Shanthi, wound her arms around her, and inhaled the sweet feminine aroma emanating from the young woman’s body.

“Shanthi, you smell nice,” Janice said.

“Oh, is it? I still did not have a bath after returning from work,” Shanthi said with a smile.

Dhuwa, you smell womanly.”

Janice kissed Shanthi’s neck and squeezed her breasts covered only by the cotton nightie.

“How are you?”

“Feeling lonely and bored without Ammé.”

“If bored, why don’t you poke a brinjal, cucumber or carrot in your cunt and fuck yourself?” Janice teased.

“Are you mad?” Shanthi snapped. “No decent woman will do that!”

Janice just laughed.

“I use a dildo or a vibrator when I feel bored and lonely without a prick. Does that make me an indecent woman?”

“Why use a vibrator when you have your husband’s thing to please you?”

“Shanthi, my Freddie is impotent,” Janice replied.

“Oh! I am sorry,” Shanthi said, lowering her head.

“Why should you be sorry? When we got married, Freddie used to fill my cunt with his thick shaft and fuck me to his heart’s content. But now, I pity him. His dick doesn’t get rigid as before!”

“Then how…” Shanthi dragged.

“We got married when I was twenty-seven. After six years of marriage, Freddie had an accident while playing cricket for BRC. The ball struck his ding-dong and he became impotent.”

“Then, you did not have any sex afterwards?”

“Oh, no. I let some male friends fuck me when I travelled alone, without Freddie, to Australia. My younger brother is in Sydney. I was careful not to get pregnant.”

“How did you manage that?”

“Oh, silly girl, don’t you know that I am a nurse!”

“Sorry, aunty.”

“Here, here, how many times must I tell you not to call me aunty when we are alone! That word makes me feel old!”

“Sorry. Janice.”

“I have made my rule not to get fucked by men when I am in Sri Lanka. “

“You appear to be an insatiable woman. And so, how do you control your sex urge?

“How do you control yours?” Janice asked.

“I… I…”, Shanthi dragged.

“You masturbate, don’t you?”

“Yes. Sometimes,” Shanthi blurted.

“With what? Brinjals?”

“Cheekay! I use my fingers only. And, you?” Shanthi asked.

“I have many dildoes and vibrators in various sizes. Also, as I told you once, I am bisexual.”

“Oh my! Unbelievable,” exclaimed Shanthi.

“What? You don’t believe me?” asked Janice squeezing Shanthi’s breasts to emphasize what she said.

“Oh, I didn’t mean it that way! By the way, does uncle know?”

“Know what? Me, having slept with other men?”


“Am I mad to tell him that I slept with other men behind his back and end my marriage?”

“You said you are bisexual. Does uncle know?”

“Oh, yes. When he saw me with a woman for the first time he just freaked out and shouted at us. That woman was his younger sister Helena. That day Freddie cried. He did not talk to us for a week or so. Afterwards, he made love to me in bed. He then asked me to be careful about losing my reputation.”

“So, he allowed you to carry on with your sister-in-law?”

“No. He told me to leave his sister alone and find some other female companion.”

“He is a good and understanding person.”

“Yes. He is. He loves me. He feels a woman cannot take me away or make me stop loving him. May God bless his kind heart.”

“I am jealous that you have an understanding husband.”

“Yes. My Freddie understands me and my need for sex.”

“By the way, where do you and other women get together? At your house?”

“In my house when Freddie is not in town else at their homes, when their husbands are out-of-station on business.”

“Or for some other private reason,” Shanthi added in a jovial manner.

“Yes, you are correct dhuwa. For some other private reason like clandestine trysts with their concubines or wives of friends.”

“By the way, you just said that uncle made love to you. How?”

“Oh, dhuwa. What he can’t do with his placid cock, he does with his virile tongue. When he sucks, I go to heaven!”

Shanthi couldn’t believe her ears. Janice saw the amazement on Shanthi’s face.

“Darling, didn’t your husband suck you?” Janice asked.

“No. Never.”

“Then you have missed the greatest pleasure a woman can get from her partner!”

“By the way, Shanthi, why did you leave your husband?” Janice asked.

Tears welled in Shanthi’s eyes. “Please don’t talk about it,” she said.

“No dhuwa, you must tell me all about him and what he did to you. Then, I can suggest what to do, and how to live a happy life hereafter.”

Feeling confident, Shanthi told Janice about her married life. She described how her cunt hurt during intercourse. Janice listened and felt sorry for the younger woman.

As an experienced nurse, Janice deduced that Shanthi was at fault for not approaching a gynaecologist for help. She also knew that reproaching the younger woman for her failure to find medical help will only antagonize her. So, she determined to play along with Shanthi.

Janice kissed Shanthi’s forehead. She then held the younger woman’s face and drew her to her bosom. “Now, do you feel better?” she asked.

Shanthi looked up resting her head on Janice’s breasts and smiled.


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