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Compared to her friends, Shanthi knew a fair amount about sex when she was thirteen. Though sex was not a casual topic of conversation among her friends, but it was not taboo either. She read sex books on the sly fetched by her friends from the bedrooms of their married sisters. To say the least, all that she read about sex was completely abstract.

Then she started menstruating. Her mother and relatives rejoiced. From then on, her hormones began to flow.

Shanthi’s sexual feelings were slow to develop. She thought that when she attained puberty urge for sex would engulf her with as said in some books she had read. She did have ripples of sexual urge that were strong the week before and after her period. But they were just scattered sexual awareness.

At the age of fourteen, Shanthi was quite undeveloped. She had little hair on her mound.

The areolae of her breasts were not large. Her nipples were prominent and sensitive the week before and after her menstrual period.

Protruding nipples

People stared at the bulge on her blouse and the slight protrusion made by her nipples. It caused her a great deal of embarrassment. But when alone, she would pluck her nipples and roll her fingers over them. She enjoyed the tactile sensation of the slight oozing in her snatch.

She would rub the outer lips of her vagina, or roll her fingers over her clitoral hood. At times she would poke her middle finger between her inner cunt lips. This brought on a placid excitement, and at best, she would have a mild orgasm. To bring herself to a quick climax, she would twirl her index finger around her sensitive clitoris.

After celebrating her nineteenth birthday, the contour of her body changed a great deal. When she stood naked before the tall mirror after her bath, her eyes swept over a beautiful  well-shaped woman. The large pinkish brown areolae and sensuous nipples crowned her round firm breasts.

Her waist flared out into  rounded hips. Her stomach was flat, and sloped towards the sparse, dark pubic hair over her mound. Her buttocks were in some ways the most feminine part of her; they had changed a great deal since she attained puberty. She saw herself as an Amazon. She fell in love with her image reflected by the mirror as young Narcissus fell in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water.

Then there was the itching and stinging around the opening and the lower part of her vagina.

It was a proposed marriage. A marriage broker had shown Shanthi’s photo to Roy Gunasekara. The young man immediately agreed to visit Shanthi’s house along with his family members to see the girl. When Roy saw her in the flesh, he was completely enchanted with her angelic face and well-formed body. His family members also liked the girl. The engagement took place a week after. They got married two months later, after celebrating her twenty-first birthday.

After their marriage, Roy fucked her at any time of the day, whether she was willing or not. Shanthi rarely attained orgasm because of her dry vagina. She feigned enjoyment to please her loving husband.

Though she wanted to, Roy never indulged in foreplay and her vagina never oozed and remained dry. Though her husband enjoyed and ejaculated many times, she found intercourse painful. At times she bled during or after having sex. Due to the pain in her cunt, she was frigid like a statue. She bit her lips to subdue the pain when he entered her with his more than average size cock. Roy construed her moaning as sexual ecstasy. The sounds she emitted made him increase the speed of his rhythmic fucking, pushing his cock, up to the hilt.

Shanthi, though educated, was shy to show her private parts to a gynaecologist.

She allowed her husband to fuck her missionary style only. As days passed by, the frequency of their copulation started to decline. After a year or so, Roy got fed up fucking his frigid wife. He started visiting brothels to appease his sexual need.

After three years of marriage, Shanthi returned to her family home in Chilaw of her own accord. Her elder brother Rupasena admonished her for leaving her husband. She did not know how to explain to her brother the pain she endured during intercourse. She just said that her husband had started visiting prostitutes and she was afraid he might contract venereal disease and infect her.

Her father died six months after she returned home, leaving her husband. Shanthi found employment as a telephone operator in a garment manufacturing firm.

After a year or so, Gunasekera filed divorce and Shanthi did not object. The divorce proceedings went through without a hitch, and she was a free bird.

Now, two years after the divorce, she felt frustrated. When she saw young couples walk holding hands, she longed for sex. Sometimes she felt like going back to Roy. Though some men made advances, an unexplainable fear gripped her, and she did not dare to reciprocate.

All this changed after the arrival of Janice and her husband to Chilaw and settled next door. They were natives of Colombo. Janice was forty-two-years-old and worked as a Staff Nurse in the Government Hospital. Her forty-eight-year-old husband Fred Ryder was a Physiotherapist in the same hospital. They did not have any children.

Being a Dutch Burgher, Janice was fair and beautiful with tempting natural rosy lips. When Janice walked, the rhythmic swaying of her hips stirred up passion in every male, and envy in every woman. The older woman, always wore dresses with low neckline and her sensuality fascinated Shanthi.

At the beginning of their friendship, Shanthi was afraid to talk to Janice as she was 15 years older than her. But Janice was a cordial person.

Though Shanthi did not go to Janice’s house, the middle-aged woman came to Shanthi’s house almost every day. She was fond of Shanthi, and addressed her as ‘dhuwa’ (‘daughter’ in Sinhalese) like her mother.

As the days drifted, their friendship grew and Janice started hugging her often. At times Janice would embrace and kiss her cheeks to show her affection. On few occasions she had kissed Shanthi’s lips. The young woman in fact liked the feel of the older woman’s lips on hers and did not object. On one occasion, Janice gave her a wet kiss and Shanthi liked the taste of her saliva. Deep inside, Shanthi wanted Janice to prolong the kiss.

When alone, she fantasized Janice kissing and exploring the inside of her mouth with her tongue. She yearned for Janice’s kiss not only her lips, but on all her feminine sensuous niches.

Janice dropped hints on her bisexuality and told Shanthi her intimate secrets, some of which seemed vulgar. Yet, Shanthi refrained from sharing her own secrets with Janice as she did not want to burden her with her tale of woe.


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