Well, not everything….lol. In a post a few days ago, I shared a little about anal orgasms, but I thought I’d back up a little further and explore some thoughts about anal play and sex in more general terms.


Be clean. Clean toys, fingers, and your ass. You can use an enema, but it’s not required. That said, having a bowel movement prior to makes things….well, emptier. If you’re trying to go from ass to anywhere wear a condom or perform a two stage enema. You either need to prep in the moment or before the moment, but proper prepping is critical either way.

Lubricate! Lubricant can make or break anal sex. If one doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to try a different type. Experiment with water based or silicon based lubes. Not every person has the same reaction to different lubricants, so what works best for one, may not…

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