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About eight months ago, the headline of a news item in the Hurungwe district of Mashonaland West in Zimbabwe, screamed “MAN IMPREGNATES HIS MOTHER”.

Actually, the impregnated woman was not the man’s mother; it was his mother’s younger sister.

Tawanda Matsika (24) married for three years impregnated his aunt Sofina Matsika (18), his mother’s younger sister.

The news of the taboo relationship shocked the Shona community because in their culture, even though Sofina is younger than Tawanda she was still ostensibly his mother (amai) by virtue of being his mother’s sister (amai).

Sofrina Matsika with her baby (Source: mafaro.co.uk)

Sofrina Matsika with her baby (Source: mafaro.co.uk)

After the baby was born, Tawanda packed his family and fled to Kariba.

Sofrina later said Tawanda wooed her with money:

He chased me around for ten days begging me to have sex with him. I Knew he was my son and I loved him. At first, I refused, but then he started giving me money – $1 the first day, and $5 the following day. I thought we were just having fun, but then I realized I was pregnant. He has left me holding the baby.

When the 62-year-old Headman, Justin Matsika, received the report about the taboo relationship, he just said: “This could be a case of witchcraft.